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TOPIC atoz
Monotone 22
Electro 21
Industrial 20
Mr.DeVo! 20
Raw 20
Techno 20
IDM 15
monotone 15
The Netherlands 13
Germany 12
electronic 12
DAF 10
Dark 10
Electronic 10
Cabaret Voltaire 9
Front 242 9
bell system 8
system technical 8
theorem 8
Minimal 7
Sneek 7
Belgie 6
Belgium 6
Frechemaus 6
Sahnemaus 6
frivolous 6
strictly monotone 6
Porn 5
Shiny Grey Monotone 5
matrix 5
monotone increasing 5
nonlinear 5
unique solution 5
Will Monotone 4
det 4
diagonal matrix 4
disco 4
equation 4
exists 4
transistor 4
Deeper 3
No dance music 3
Noise Rock 3
ON-mix 3
diagonal 3
dub 3
electro 3
function 3
solution 3
A teenager may be able to make this kind of decision 2
Actor's Halloween costume catches fire 2
Annoying way this article is written 2
Anything is fair game for humor 2
Are they going after her for the big ass as well? 2
Are they white knighting the big ass gals as well? 2
Be careful where you post certain humorous comments regarding certain things 2
Black face in the movies 2
Boxer drugged to do gay porn? 2
Companies that fire people based on shit like this 2
Cosby 2
Coughing like an asshole 2
Could I get caught in a twitter firestorm? 2
DJ PulseID 2
Do I have to break out the characters? 2
Do I have to make the news? 2
Don't force it on the rest of us or your children 2
Don't tense up when facing an impact 2
Electroclash 2
False religious hope 2
Father of ten 2
Fox loses World series feed 2
Freddy Mushroom 2
Gender non-specific person running down the street 2
Get the message of this movement and show out there 2
Girl picking cotton tweets stupidly 2
Greatest bit in the history of humanity 2
Has this show been good so far? 2
He also took the pill they gave him 2
He doesn't remember his gay threesome 2
He is a good decision maker 2
He responded to an anonymous Facebook user for this porn job 2
He survived 2
He's a mans man 2
Her apology is not valid until she says deeply and sincerely 2
Here I am 2
His friend noticed him in the gay porn 2
How woman are treated around the world 2
I can't focus this week 2
I can't understand why people that have heard this show think I've gone crazy 2
I don't have faith in fables 2
I don't know why I was just singing 2
I feel periscope is distracting 2
I have a headache 2
I have a problem with this 2
I have an itch in my ear 2
I have poor short term memory 2
I just play a random segment from an old show 2
I need a haircut 2
I need to shave 2
I start talking like a child 2
I stick my tongue out to them on the video because I'm a bad ass 2
I think I may be getting a cold 2
I think the medicine helped me 2
I'm a mess 2
I'm an idiot 2
I'm going to be committed 2
I'm lost SAVE me 2
I'm not a hateful person 2
I'm putting the hat on 2
I'm starting to sound like Christian Bale's Batman 2
I'm sure it wasn't meant in a hateful way 2
If I come into money that shit is getting fixed 2
If religion gives you personal comfort that's fine 2
Is this a live best of? 2
Is this a show? 2
It is okay to wear black make up if you are going as a black person for Halloween 2
It takes me a little while to get going with this show 2
It's a miserable day 2
Jazzed up 2
Judgement free zone 2
Keimpe 2
Last show on periscope 2
Lets come together twitter social justice warriors 2
Live on periscope 2
Look at how the Islamic world treats women and then try to be an Islamic apologist to me 2
Look it up yourself 2
Looking for an old bit to play 2
Love 2
Making the magic happen or withering and dying 2
Man sleep walked off a cliff 2
Manscaping 2
Many of us are fed up with this kind of nonsense 2
Mathematics 2
Maybe I'll get an ear infection 2
McGinty podcast 2
Mocking is different than wearing make up to look like a celebrity 2
Modern day racism witch hunt 2
Monotone Hype 2
Moving my feet around like a baby 2
Muslim truck driver sues beer company 2
My baseball predictions were way off 2
My name is not Mike McGinty show 2
My teeth suck 2
My thoughts on an afterlife 2
My tooth is bothering me 2
Negative things in this world that religion has brought us 2
New era of positivity 2
No good stories 2
No video for my last show 2
Not every white person is privileged 2
Not everyone who makes racial jokes is a racist 2
Not everything is a civil rights crusade 2
Now what!? 2
Oops? 2
Over sensitive culture 2
Parents that let their child decide if she wants to go to the hospital or heaven 2
Parody of the most obnoxious parts of my personality? 2
People that don't understand the world buy into the white privilege lie 2
Podcast 2
Poor judgment 2
Practitune 2
Provisions on religious freedom 2
Pushing down the Russian character 2
Putting the hat back on and seeing how it looks 2
Really stupid to post something like that on Twitter 2
Remember the positivity 2
SAD in the fall 2
Sad electronics 2
Second half of the show better than the first 2
Shaving my arm 2
She accidentally tweeted it? 2
She just wants to observe 2
She won't speak 2
Shelfing the headline bit? 2
Singing along with the intro song for the show I'm playing a clip from 2
Sipping the soda with my pinky out 2
Sleep walking girl 2
Sleepwalking woman 2
Social justice twitter fucks trying to bring down a high school girl 2
Still distracted by periscope 2
Stop trying to get people in trouble assholes 2
Subway Jared brags about sex with children on audio tape 2
THIS is something people should be outraged about 2
Take me down twitter social justice warriors!! 2
Talking about the costume that caught on fire 2
Talking about the gay porn boxer story 2
Texts while I'm doing the show 2
That story sucked 2
That's a good idea 2
The Inner n word story 2
The Loot Drop 2
The Mets and Bruer's videos 2
The N word 2
The Red Notes 2
The cat arrives 2
up-solid down-solid